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At Work on my Robe Anglaise

I made progress on my purple robe anglaise last night. I hemmed the front edges of the skirts and started stitching down pleats. I still have to backstitch them in the gown, but I think I'm going to steam them first, since I have really over handled the silk making pleats. All I have ahead is the bottom hem, sleeves and the back facing. However, doing the sleeves on my own will be interesting, since they aren't fully fit yet and should be fit on me live...

My plan after this is to hold off on trimming until I make another gown. I will also probably remount the petticoat, since it's longer than the gown and I want smaller pleats.

Right now, I want to get the thoughts of the workshop fully in my brain, so hence the notion of a new gown soon. I have some lovely camlet (wool with a little silk and linen) for one I can wear to events.

Meanwhile, Angela (of Burnley & Trowbridge) has posted pictures of the workshop I took for this gown on her Facebook page. I'm also loving checking out the photos from Costume College--so inspiring, yet so distracting!