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Good Evening, LJ!

Well, I went for my last class in the men's 18th century tailoring sequence last week...and it was great! I knuckled down and though the official photo of the class hardly shows--I got more done than anyone else. That said, I am feeling my deficiencies vis a vis the actual 18th c. tailor much more severely. They were--well, so much more than me, in more ways than I can possibly explain. Savviness over cut, pattern making skills, sewing proficiency... Still, I've committed--I'm going to measure and cut two more patterns for breeches next week. Now, perhaps because I am under the mild influence of awesome homemade alcohol, I'm going to confess a dirty secret of the 18th century: properly fitting 18th century breeches requires a most invasive measurement of the male perineum. It was easy to accomplish that with a man I've been living with for the past 18 years...but with strangers, I'm just going to have to get it done (and if that is weird--well, these sucka breeches will be tight and fit, even in the crotch).

That said, recent efforts to plan a multi generational trip to Rome (next fall) have made me aware that standards were so different backin the Rennaissance. Nekkid guys--not a big deal. Renaissance men would much rather strip than damage a good set of clothes. On the other hand, nekkid gals--not so well received. Most men never ever saw their wives without clothes, even after marriage. Another way that the past is a different country...Indeed, an event that had adulterers running in their shifts (garments coming fully to the knees) were viewed as mildly pornographic.

BTW, the trip to Rome is going awesome. Since announcing the offer to family, my in-laws and father and girlfriend are coming. It makes for an awesome company, but a rooming challenge. After a bit of dickering with various landlords, we settled with the owner of an apartment just off of the Via Guila (and one block from the Palazzo Farnese)...in a medieval building with an elevator! Meanwhile, I ran a test balloon to R. the other day--what about staying on by ourselves and going to Florence/Venice. Now R's passion is getting to the Leonardo da Vinci museum (in Florence), so this wasn't really a hard sell. We're doing two weeks! Plus heading sometime to see the Leonardo drawings exhibiting in Williamsburg! Now I just have to get it approved at work (which shouldn't be all that difficult, since it's the Thanksgiving holiday).

But work is the weird part. Work is fine, but it looks clearer than ever that my department is going to head eventually to Chicago. Last week, I got word that the VP wanted me to apply for a lateral transfer to the PR department to act as head of vendor management. I said ok, so Monday I have an interview...with my current boss (who recommended me). I don't get it, but I'll roll with whatever they want. We'll see.

Meanwhile, this weekend is my crazy electronics weekend. I was recently elevated to a full member of NoVA labs--a hackerspace in Reston. I am getting over my technology issues and really enjoying it. Meanwhile, this weekend, I"m starting on assembling a hexcopter. Now if those who know how technologically inept I am may understand--this is a huge challenge. I'm taking it step by step...and hopefully, I"ll end with something that flies!