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More progress...no photos?

I finished the last workshop for the coat workshop...with lots to complete, but with a pretty clear idea of what I need to finish. I actually think I will get this piece done before next month's  breeches workshop, at which the core crew will be having a display in public (breeches or not). 

The best thing about this extended workshop has been the crew. By this weekend (which was, for most of us our third weekend working together) the connection was sealed. We may not share reenacting units, but the connection may be deeper.

That said, getting the coat to a place where it looks like a coat was a crap load of work. In period--it would take about a week's labor hours for a single tailor. For me...probably 150 hours, mostly comprised of the "what the heck am I supposed to do now?" category. Now that I have a better mental grasp on it, I'm wondering how many hours it would really take. Right now, that's leading me toward techniques for a riding habit or variant thereof.

Well, my Thanksgiving trip to Rome is going crazy. Insanely crazy. Somehow saying traveling that week makes sense in a way other weeks are stupid (3 work days off to get a full week).  I don't have any reservations, but my family has already overbooked every option we are negotiating at this point. The only thing that might be left in the unit (considering we are likely going to take a couch in the living room) is a single bed...and with an overbooked apartment...who cares? It looks like we may have my dream crew: a biannual crew with a partying sense to take on the most celebratory visits to Europe (I think in two years we'll hit London). And even though we may be the only costumers in the group (mostly since family took every slot), I feel helplessly compelled to outfit 16th century gown to stay in a 16th century home!

I will post photos soon of the coat, though it will be on a dummy mannequin, since Rick is taking the week off for a climbing trip. Must sew...